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With numerous classes available on Radiant OnDemand, you can experience the benefits of your practice at home or on the go, on any device, from anywhere you please. Stay fit, healthy, strong both mentally and physically by incorporating Radiant OnDemand into your everyday life.

We have a variety of classes that range from fitness style and length so there is something for everyone; whether you're inspired to power up or ready to relax and settle into your own space quickly, we've got something for everyone at Radiant OnDemand!

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Anywhere. Anytime. OnDemand.

You can start your practice from anywhere and at anytime, all from the convenience of your own personal space. Thats the beauty of Radiant OnDemand. Our Online Yoga Sanctuary provides a healing place to renew your inner self and reconnect to your radiance whether through movement or meditation no matter what time zone you're in or where you are.

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Yoga, meditation, and fitness
classes for every level are offered.

Challenge yourself with sculpting classes or tap into targeted exercises that will burn fat and give you the quick results you crave. Choose from bounce and dance classes that will tone and torch calories as you smile and dance the night away with our fun and energizing instructors! Or maybe you're in need of some soothing medit ation, breathwork, or Yoga Nidra to unwind and reset.

Premium classes

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Sculpt to the Beat

Sculpt to the Beat

Sculpt 26 min
Boxing-Sculpt with Tana

Boxing-Sculpt with Tana

Sculpt 34 min
Opening the Hips, and the Heart

Opening the Hips, and the Heart

Flow 17 min
Guided Savasana for Beginners

Guided Savasana for Beginners

Meditation 14 min
Gentle, soothing flow with Skyler

Gentle, soothing flow with Skyler

Flow 27 min
Recruit your glutes

Recruit Your Glutes

Sculpt 15 min
Power, Yoga, Sculpt with Darlene & Ashley

Power, Yoga, Sculpt with Darlene & Ashley

Sculpt 42 min
Yoga Nidra: Sleep Meditation

Yoga Nidra: Sleep Meditation

Yoga Nidra 20 min
Barre Core Burn with Audrey

Barre Core Burn with Audrey

Sculpt 27 min
Create Strength & Mobility with Skyler

Create Strength & Mobility with Skyler

Flow 10 min
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Interactive classes

With Radiant On Demand Live classes, we all flow together – even when we are apart. We’re streaming yoga, mediation, and sculpt classes live, straight to your home, seven days a week! We will move, sweat and breathe together as a community virtually.


What our clients say

Absolutely amazing. Audrey makes you feel seen. A wonderful flow, highly intuitive, possesses a lovey energy of command yet calmness. She is in tune with her class, guiding her class physically but energetically as well. She has a great vocal tone.

Hector’s classes are just fantastic. Great music, heat is perfect, and his words are very encouraging and genuine.

Savanna is utterly amazing.. she is one of a kind and truly a special and talented yoga instructor. I am so grateful to be a part of her class and extremely appreciative of her support and guidance. Already looking forward to her next class.. thank you so much.

Love Jojo’s energy! Best class

Darlene is such a beautiful person inside and out! I love her class and teachings. Highly recommend attending her class. Thank you Darlene for the love and care you pour into your students. 🙂

Such a powerful boost of energy thru this flow, taught by such strong Goddess energy :sparkles:

Ashley is THE BEST!:heart::fire:

Hector has an excellent balance that he brings to his classes. The balance of the yoga workout with a calming of the spirit. Love his classes.

Wonderful workshop! I learned a lot about each pose and how to actually do them correctly. So worth the time and investment. Thank you Darlene!

First time coming to a hot yoga class and had a great time! Savanna was the instructor and she did an AMAZING job!!! I would argue I am one of the most inflexible beings on this planet earth but was able to enjoy the class. Definitely plan on coming again.

So challenging, I love it.

Ashley is awesome, wish she was on the schedule more! Excellent work out for the body and the soul.

Amazing class Great wisdom provided by Audrey thank you!

This place is amazing!!! The teachers are fabulous! I definitely recommend to anyone thinking of trying hot yoga! I’m addicted thanks to them 🙂

Amazing class taught by Skyler.

Ashley is a great instructor that always encourages her student to push harder, dig a little deeper and correct the little things in their postures. Overall a great instructor and a awesome class.